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James Spencer
If you like this comic, you can find more like it (and a handful of pretty cool animations) on my portfolio site:

But maybe it's a regularly updated webcomic-type site you're after. If so, I'm currently uploading Pokemon comics every Saturday, and will be posting autobio comics whenever I make them:

Finally, if you're more into sloppy travel comics and updates about my ongoing travels, look no further than the livejournal travel blog that my sister and I do an alright job of maintaining:


Current Residence: Baden, Ontario
Can you tell that I've been on a Pokemon kick lately? I have been working like crazy on my Pokemon journal comic, Too Old For Pokemon. It updates every Saturday over at

I have an idea, and I'd like for you to participate. If you draw me and my Pokemon team, I'll draw you and yours. This is something I want to do with a bunch of different artists, I think it will be fun. What do my Pokemon look like?


That's the title from Episode 11, which I'm currently working on. It won't be posted online for a few weeks, since Episode 7 is only due to update tomorrow. So you can refer to my comic to get a feel for my trainer character and some of the Pokemon, but it will be a while before my current team is fully introduced. So I'll bring you up to speed:

Trogdor the Charmeleon
Tough. badass. Not too much personality beyond being ferocious and happy and adorably dense.

Pointy the Nidorino
My current favourite. Lots of horns. Impressive.

Horace the Drowzee
Recently evolved into a Hypno, but that won't be until Ep. 11 anyways. Draw him as either. No pupils, scary and creepy mental powers.

Rupert the Pidgeotto
Really wants to be part of the team. Likes to fight, tries to be tough. Wants to make it to the Elite Four, but how realistic is that? He's a Pidgeotto so he will probably be released eventually.

Bernice the Graveler
She is a behemoth. She is a girl. She has eyelashes. She throws rocks and makes Pokemon faint.

Fran the Gloom
Fran was a cool Oddish, but now that she's evolved, she stinks and releases poisonous spores everywhere she goes. She is followed by a stink cloud rising from her flower. Emphasis on the drool.

So if you feel like it, have a crack at drawing my team. Comment on this journal with a link to your drawing, and I'll draw whatever lineup you want. If you want me to draw something really special, you can butter me up by including the horrifying Golbat and the talking Pikachu featured in Episode 6, which you can read at

Oh and if you don't have a Pokemon team and don't want to make one up, I'll draw other requests for sure.
  • Listening to: people gearing up to party while I draw
  • Playing: Pokemon Red, via emulator
  • Drinking: Tim Hortons, mailed from Canada

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Hi James,

Coming this August the 16th is :icontoronto:'s biggest and best DevMEET of the summer and we hope you can attend! We will be heading to Centre Island to hang out, check out the petting zoo, going out to eat and exploring the island. It's an all ages meet; come by yourself or with a friend if you like, everyone is welcome!

Journal with full info:…

RSVP Page:… 

If you can make it then please RSVP so we know you are coming. Even if you will be there a bit later than when it starts that's okay too but we still need you to RSVP. So again, hope to see you there! :D (Big Grin)

tracisucksatdrawing Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
I can't wait until our comics don't have a sharp decline in quality every other page
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Oh, Traci. The day will be soon.
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IT'S FINALLY DONE! :iconlawooplz: I'm really sorry for the huge delay... I want to make it up to you... Here it is! [link]
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You are awesome! Thanks so much!
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